Downtown sports facility now 25% complete

City of Rockford project managers say the new downtown sports facility is on schedule and on budget.

Public Works Director Tim Hanson calls that a huge accomplishment for a project of this magnitude.

Right now the building is about 25% complete, and project managers believe it will be closer to 50% complete by September.

10% of the new wall panels are up, and the new roof is 50% complete. By the end of July, the full exterior of the building is expected to be completely enclosed.

Another significant piece to the building is the construction of the championship court on the south side of the facility. Beams are going up and concrete is being poured as part of that phase of the project. The championship court is expected to be completed by the end of July.

Crews have also begun work on the new river walk, that will go around the entire facility.

The facility remains on schedule to open in May 2016.

It will host national tournaments and also provide local programming run by the Rockford Park District.